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Hotel breakfast area.


Hotel room with lounge in foreground and bedroom in background.
Double-sided fireplace in foreground opening up to hotel lounge with scattered seating areas.

Hospitality Team

Our Hospitality Team offers over a decade of experience focused on the Northern California hospitality market.

With extensive project planning resources and skilled construction project management, we manage planing, designing, budgeting, permitting, construction, logistics and purchasing for your hotel/motel renovation or new construction.

Hotel bed smart-enabled headboard in foreground and bathroom vanity in background.

We’ll Handle the Hard Parts

Hotel projects offer unique opportunities to increase occupancy and improve property value. They also pose unique challenges. Our exhaustive design-build services ensure hotel owners can focus on the benefits. We’ll take care of the rest:

  • Minimizing inconveniences of construction/remodeling during hotel/motel operation
  • Understanding of franchise hotel standards, PIPs, FF&E
  • Working with local city and county municipalities
  • Addressing construction codes
  • Ensuring ADA compliance
  • Providing design-build leadership: from concept design to architecture to construction
  • Delivering professional project management skills and capabilities
Hospitality services chart. 1. Preconstruction, 2. Renovation Planning, 3. Prenovation Project Management, 4. Exterior Renovation, 5. Interior Renovation, 6. Design Build, 7. New Construction, 8. Advisory Service
Food tray with coffe cup and carafe on end of bed in hotel guestroom decorated with colorful pillows, throw blanket, and flowers.

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