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Hotel lobby and lounge with comfy couches before fireplace.


Painted chevron pattern and cuttout wooden letters announce "Delicatessen" section of bright, modern grocery store space.


Gleaming, newly installed stainless steel and glass refrigerated cases, tables and other equipment in meat department of new grocery store.


Five smiling men — Sutti Associates team members — standing in front of large metal brewery tanks.

Who we are

Sutti Associates is an innovative team of architects, designers, equipment specialists and construction professionals. For over 40 years we have partnered with retail and hospitality clients to create highly successful groceries, restaurants and hotels.

Aerial view of a construction site. Group of construction workers cement pouring process for foundation of building the size of an entire city block.

Thank you for all of your help. Sutti [Associates] has been incredible from day one.

Ross Hardester Owner, Hardester's Markets

The great thing about Sutti [Associates] was that the things that we didn't know about, they knew. We knew how to do produce, grocery departments, things like that. But we never got into the food service aspect of the business: deli, hot food, kitchens, meat departments. They helped us find the people to make sure that, when we launch these departments, they're launched properly. The quality of work that Sutti does [on] a scale from one through 10, is an absolute 10.

Bobby Vardakstanis Co-owner, Haight Street Market

Sutti's been quite good about keeping on top of all the little minutia that Rainbow wants. All the workers of Sutti really go the whole ten yards of trying to get everything done right. I stay in close contact with them, which is something that I haven't experienced with other companies and I find that to be really critical in getting the job done, getting it the way we want, paying attention to those small details.

Brendan McMullan Worker-owner, Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Inc.

Sutti [Associates] is becoming a one stop shop for all services in our business. They understand how customers perceive retail and that's powerful.

Bill Andronico Former Owner, Andronico's Market

Sutti [Associates] has helped us not only install new equipment and relocate shelves, but they have also helped us look at our displays and merchandising in a new light. We didn't expect a designer to help us see new ways to cross merchandise. I was skeptical but I have become a believer.

Eric Stromberg Former General Manager, Davis Food Co-Op
Architectural plans: outlines of a building with multiple rooms.
Massive metal structure of support beams and cross beams is moved into place by a crane and construction workers.

Architecture & Design

State of the art design services by our licensed architects and interior designers allow you to fully visualize your space. We'll work with you to ensure everything about your design — from layout and flow to furniture and fixtures, from color palette and décor to lighting and merchandising — is focused on engaging your customers.



Our licensed general contractor services offer complete construction management — for new commercial spaces, expansion projects and renovations/remodeling. We're experts in planning, budgets, scheduling, building codes and permits, problem solving and teamwork. We consistently provide on-time delivery of the highest quality.


Equipment & Consulting

We want to help you understand the needs and culture of your customers — now and in the future. Our comprehensive business services help you build long-term relationships with patrons and increase sales. We can help you stay on the cutting-edge of equipment and technology, survey your customers, and conduct business analysis and financial planning.

Let's talk

Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. We look forward to learning how we can help make your project a reality.

Map of Burlingame with marker at Sutti Associates office. 700 Airport Blvd., Ste. 410, Burlingame, California 94010.