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A construction worker — wearing hard hat and safety vest that reads "Sutti Associates" — kneels to work on a project.

About Us

Seafood market interior with seafood cooler cases and bold interior design featuring large vibrant lighted signs, black and white photography, brightly painted walls, woven baskets and dramatic two-tone blue tiles.


Bringing retail ideas to life.

We’re passionate about helping independent food-centered businesses flourish. We design, build and renovate spaces that engage customers by responding to the needs of the neighborhoods they serve.

Cozy seating area in hotel lounge with leather couch and bright orange chairs.

Giving Back

We believe everyone should to have access to natural, local, nourishing food.

This is what inspires our civic engagement, including our partnership in the Healthy Retail SF initiative.

Food businesses bring people together, forming the heart of vibrant, healthy local communities. We’re proud to help increase access to affordable healthful foods in San Francisco by providing corner store redesign and healthy-food consultation.

Thank you for all of your help. Sutti [Associates] has been incredible from day one.

Ross Hardester Owner, Hardester's Markets

We've worked with Sutti [Associates] for over 30 years to help provide unique merchandising fixture solutions. We're constantly working with Sutti to provide new and unique applications that help drive business to our customers. Sutti has been an innovative, driving force in getting our product to marketplace.

Kristin Ethridge InterMetro Industries

Our People
Make the Difference

Our ongoing customer relationships and the quality of our projects are the direct result of the dedicated group of multitalented individuals on the Sutti Associates staff.

Our team includes licensed architects and general contractors; interior designers and landscape contractors; experts in refrigeration, commercial appliances and equipment; and, insurance and banking specialists.

In addition, we have established exceptional, long-standing working relationships with subcontractors throughout Northern California.


We value integrity and trust, quality, teamwork, collaboration and communication. We’re professional and honest, care about what we do and always look for novel ways to benefit our clients.