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We take great pride in our craft. Check out what our team’s working on at the moment.

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Construction site: steel girders and beams, overhead and to both sides, frame first floor of building under construction.

Our Approach

Two fat rolls of architectural plans lay on table beside metal file cabinet.

Design-build advantage

We're experts in all facets of commercial development. As the single point of responsibility, we take care of you and provide you with peace of mind. We’ll seamlessly manage all aspects of your project — whatever the scope — from vision through to successful, on-time completion.

Construction professional works on metal pipes that extend from control boxes to form a pattern of parallel and perpendicular lines.

Art and Passion

We believe designing, building and merchandising for hospitality and retail spaces is like creating a work of art. It requires passion, vision, reflection, insight and state of the art tools.

The uniting theme of our retail portfolio is sustenance.

We understand the complexities of building and remodeling food-focused spaces: grocery stores, corner markets, restaurants, delis, bakeries, coffee shops, refrigerated warehouses …
We can help you increase the engagement and loyalty of your customers and, thus, sales. Let’s talk about how to apply the latest concepts — in store and eatery design, product merchandising, refrigeration and equipment, e-commerce integration and green building — to your space.


Architecture & Design

Our team of licensed architects and designers work with you to carefully craft the layout, interior design and landscape plan for your project. We'll address your needs — from unique personality and customer flow to accessible design — and prepare all the plans required for the construction process.


  • Architectural plans
  • Drawings and design renderings
  • 3D modeling and computer animations
  • Space/efficiency design
  • Environmental reports
  • ADA compliance

Interior design

  • Mood board development
  • Décor
  • Lighting
  • Furniture, cabinetry and shelving
  • Surface finish selection (flooring, paint, etc.)

Branding and merchandising

  • Custom signage and graphic design
  • Product selection/placement
  • Display design and visual merchandising
Glowing sunrise casts newly poured concrete slab in brilliant oranges, as two construction workers and large machine level concrete.


Our construction team offers a range of services and approaches to meet your exact needs. Design-build, general contractor, construction management and/or equipment installation services — we have the capacity and know-how for your project.

Preconstruction services

  • Cost estimation and bid process
  • Scope of work plans
  • Schedule/timeline development

Project management

  • Permit and inspection management
  • Subcontractor hiring and coordination
  • Green/sustainable building compliance
  • Project documentation


  • Site excavation and construction
  • Shell and core construction
  • Tenant improvement, renovation and remodeling
  • Installation services

Equipment & Consulting

Understanding and engaging your customers — to build sustained relationships — is critical to the success of hotels, restaurants, independent markets and retailers. We’d like to talk about the latest trends and best practices to innovate your business.

Equipment selection

  • Refrigerated display cases and refrigeration systems
  • Store shelving, fixtures and millwork
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Technology and e-commerce integration
  • Food safety and energy conservation considerations

Planning and research

  • Feasibility study, site analysis and environmental reports
  • Financial analysis
  • Customer surveys

Strategy consultation

  • Business plan development
  • Deli/food services consulting
Double-sided fireplace in foreground opening up to hotel lounge with scattered seating areas.